We are a group of voting, self funded private citizens with no vested interests who are committed to saving the Donnelly River.

The current plan

To build a 30 metre high dam on Record Brook

To pump water from the Donnelly via weirs and pump stations

Destroying 300 hectares of local ecology

In total pulling twelve billion litres from the Donnelly system in wet years.

In the last 20 years, only 3 years would classify as ‘wet’

This is about

Taxpayer money being spent to provide wealthy farmers upstream secured water resources.


While every local, agricultural and tourism business, that depends on this natural resource already in the entire region suffers.


The ecological impact on the only fresh water river left in the region and numerous plant and animal species is incalculable.

To combat the scheme

We have formed the Save Our Donnelly River Association.


The purpose of which is to protect, preserve and restore the Donnelly River ecosystem including flora and fauna, both aquatic and terrestrial.


Our primary role in fighting the SFIS is to inform people not only that this scheme exists, but the truth of what it means to our environment which the proponents of the scheme tend to ignore or overlook.


The idea of increasing agriculture in a decreasing rainfall region is environmentally irresponsible, and building a dam is just plain ecocide.


The statistics from DWER, the HARC report and the SFIS modelling itself all show the same thing, that the water just isn’t there to take.


Which is why the only conclusion that’s left is that the Murray-Darling model, the SFIS wants to establish in our southwest, is simply a grab for what little water there is left for a handful of individuals to trade.